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Osprey with Fish
Young Lion
Sacred Ibis Displaying
Tricolored Heron
Great Egrets Three
That's My Spot
Empty house by harbor in Punta Arenas, Chile
Locks on railing of outlook in Punta Arenas, Chile
Bridge View
View of Sidney Lanier Bridge from deck of the schooner Lynx.
Roof Top Colors
View of Punta Arenas, Chile
Look Up!
View up stairway to apartment near Ponte Vechio Bridge, Florence, Italy
Line of Buses
Buses on Street in London, England
Too Many Miles
Wheel of abandoned "rig" carriage in St. Augustine, FL.
What's Going On?
Little girl in Shanty town in Lima, Peru
Potato Harvest
Man hard at work harvesting potatoes outside Cuzco, Peru
Lost Cause
Man trying to repair fishing boat, Lima, Peru
Shanty Town Kids
Beautiful kids living in shanty town on edge of Lima, Peru
Church Ladies
Women leaving church services in small town near Cuzco, Peru
Market Lady
Open market in small town outside Cuzco, Peru
Driftwood View
Sunrise on "Driftwood Beach' Jekyll Island, GA
Nanny Goat Beach Marsh
Sapelo Island, GA
Darien Sunset
Sunset on Darien River, Darien, GA
Beach Access
Walkway to beach on Jekyll Island, GA
Bridge on Fire
Sunset behind the Sidney Lanier Bridge in Brunswick, GA
Boneyard Sunrise
Dead Live Oak" tree left behind with beach erosion on Jekyll Island, GA
Shell Art
Random tidal arrangement of shell on East Beach, St. Simons Island, GA
Fauna Trail
View along the Fauna Trail in Torres del Paines National Park, Patagonia Chile
Serengeti Sunset
View of Serengeti Plain from campsite
Towers on Fire
Mid sunrise on towers in Torres del Paines National Park, Patagonia Chile
View of Grande Torres
Mountain view in Torres del Paines National Park, Patagonia Chile
Hoodoo Army
Sandstone formations in Bryce National Park, Utah
View on the Edge
View of Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River, Page, AZ
Winding Way
Lower Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ
Little Red House
Mountain view in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile
River of Ice
Perito Merino Glacier, Argentina
Early Morning Over the Serengeti
Sunrise Hot Air Balloon excursion over the Serengeti
Morning Mist
Morning cruise on Lake Brienz, Interlaken, Switzerland
Bull Elephant Feeding
Small Herd in Tarangare National Park, Tanzania
Wet Morning
Wildflower on damp morning along trail in Murren, Switzerland.
Black-faced Vervet Monkey
Monkeys were in small troup. This one very curious of us.
Fence Jumper
Guanaco trying to join members of group on Fauna Trail, Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile
Taking Off
Royal Terns on East Beach, St. Simons Island
Gathering Pollen
Honey Bees on Sunflower in large field of sunflowers
Zebras pairing up, Serengeti Plains, Tanzania. Pairing confuses biting insects.
Hooded Reflections
Hooded Merganser in wood pond .
Bringing Lunch Home
Osprey returning to nest with fish to feed three young and other parent
Keeping Watch
Young lioness in tree with her sister in Tarangare National Park, Tanzania.
Lost in Thought
Young boy in open market in Cuzco, Peru
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